Ghost town cat

Walking through a ghost town and felt eyes were watching me, I looked over to a shack and there was an old cart with a cat lying on it. The cats eyes were incredible. We were out in the hot sunshine, this cat had the right idea lying in the shade.

Ghost Town Cat

5 Responses to “Ghost town cat”

    • irodger

      Thank-you. Its very weird when you feel eyes looking at you. I walked over the the shack and he didn’t move, just lowered his head and ignored us. Cool cat. Ian.

      • Hanne T. Fisker

        They have that presence about them. So content in their own skin, ignoring, yet keeping an eye on everything. Cool indeed.

    • irodger

      Thank-you for the kind comment. It was a very cool laid- back cat, didn’t seem to be at all concerned with our attention. He seemed to be well fed even though there wasn’t much around.


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